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Color Magic 

One Color Flatbed Press

The Color Magic flatbed graphic press is an affordable, single-color press designed for printers ready to take on signage, posters, banners, and other large products. Capable of using both water based and plastisol inks, the Color Magic can print on paper, glass, metal, vinyl, plastics, and just about any other flat stock. The Color Magic offers an adjustable vacuum that guarantees the substrate will lie flat throughout the printing process. Fully programmable, the Color Magic can store job settings for multiple projects, including peel ratio, dwell time, start, and duration times. The servo-driven motor ensures a smooth print job, giving you great images in no time. The Color Magic flatbed press is available in four sizes: 15″ x 26″, 25″ x 38″, 30″ x 41″ and 32”x 46”.

The ultimate combination of speed, efficiency, and quality in a one-color flatbed press.

Four models available, with a maximum print area of:
15″ x 26″, 25″ x 38″, 30″ x 41″ or 32” x 46”

Color Magic 1526 - Max print area: 15" x 26" (38 x 66 cm)

Color Magic 2538 - Max print area: 25" x 38" (64 x 97 cm)

Color Magic 3041 - Max print area: 30" x 41" (76 x 104 cm)

Touchscreen Controls

  • 7” touchscreen interface with Aries operating system
  • Easy access to all machine settings
  • Run saved program in auto-mode, or run in manual mode
  • Set to plastisol or waterbased ink
  • Real time display of daily and total print count
  • Set how high frame opens to reduce production time

Print Heads

  • Servo electric-driven print carriage
  • Multiple print strokes (1-9) per head
  • Breaks to prevent drifting in print area
  • Independent servo motors for print carriage and head lift
  • True three-point micro-registration (front-to-back, left-to-right and rotational movement)

Squeegee and Flood Bar

  • Calibrated independent and micro-adjustable pressure settings
  • Easy squeegee and flood bar installation and removal, with option to move or raise either to front or rear without flooding or printing
  • Screen printing squeegee and flood bar speeds can be set individually
  • Squeegee pressure regulator

Tool-less Adjustment

  • Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments with single-handed adjustments of 0º-30º, at increments of 5º
  • Gauged click-type central off-contact precisely adjusts print station at a range of 0”-3/8” at increments of .005”

Peel System

  • Adjustable synchronized gear-driven peel system
  • Flat-flood capability


  • Heavy-gauge anodized aluminum vacuum-bed pallet
  • Set pins up/down to align large substrates
  • Program vacuum suck time and puff time
  • Front access for easy setup and adjustment


  • Safety bar stops press if hit, preventing serious injury
  • Servo electric motor with variable-frequency drive rated to last up to 30 years

Optional Features

  • Foot pedal for manual cycle mode - Lets you control both auto and manual index modes.


Single Station FlatbedMaximum Print AreaMaximum Screen SizeVacuum Bed SizeMachine o.d.
COLMAGGRA-152615″ x 26″
38cm x 66cm
32″ x 38″ x 2.25″
81cm x 97cm x 5.7cm
25″ x 38″
63.5cm x 96.5cm
41″ x 50.4″
104cm x 128cm
COLMAGGRA-253825″ x 38″
64cm x 97cm
42″ x 50″ x 2.25″
106cm x 127cm x 5.7cm
36″ x 45.5″
91cm x 116cm
51.5″ x 60.4″
131cm x 153cm
COLMAGGRA-304130″ x 41″
76cm x 104cm
47″ x 53″ x 2.25″
119cm x 135cm x 5.7cm
41″ x 45.5″
104cm x 116cm
51.5″ x 65.4″
131cm x 166cm
COLMAGGRA-324632″ x 46″
81cm x 117cm
49″ x 58″ x 2.25″
124cm x 147cm x 5.7cm
43″ x 52″
110cm x 132cm
65″ x 74″
165cm x 188cm

Single Station FlatbedAir Consumption @ 100 PSIElectrical Requirements
85 L/min
1 Phase/3 Phase, 208-230 VAC, 14 AMPS, 50-60 Hz, 2.5 KW
85 L/min
1 Phase/3 Phase, 208-230 VAC, 14 AMPS, 50-60 Hz, 2.5 KW
85 L/min
1 Phase/3 Phase, 208-230 VAC, 14 AMPS, 50-60 Hz, 2.5 KW
85 L/min
1 Phase/3 Phase, 208-230 VAC, 14 AMPS, 50-60 Hz, 2.5 KW

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